Beach Hockey

Beach Hockey at Cape Paterson, Sunday morning Nov 30th 2014

Drouids beach hockey

For Gippland Hockey Participants and beyond.

HV is aiming for 16 teams with 2 grades to make games more even, encourage more mixed teams, some rule changes to make safer & more fun

On Sat Nov 29th will host 5-a-side carnival + BBQ at Honey’s Rd.Drouids.Victoria.Beach Hockey
Encourage players to do as the MUHC crowd did last year, & stay overnight Saturday (they stayed Cape Paterson camping area, but folk also welcome to set up tents on our 8 acre property which is 5 km from Cape)

* Teams are 5-a-side (subs allowed), Mixed (although no requirement for any particular number of either gender), with junior games and senior games. It will be a low low tide. We have changed to 5-a-side to reduce crowding on the pitch, and have new light balls to try that are less “sticky” than the ones used previously.

Rules & Regulation
Games are 20 minutes. The balls are normal size but lighter than normal hockey balls. The field is marked by placing 4 cones in a rectangular shape of a suitable size, with 4 small goals placed a few metres in from the corners & facing the centre of the playing area. Each team defends the 2 goals at its end. Rules are as per field hockey, with a few exceptions:
* There are no long or penalty corners, or penalty strokes.
* All frees are taken where the infringement occurred, and direct shots at goal are allowed from frees; opponents must be at least 3 metres from the player taking the free
* Play-on behind the goals.
* The ball is brought back into play from side and end lines, by a player from the opposite team to that which last touched it before it went out; opposing players must stand at least 3 metres away from where the ball is brought back into play
* A player not kitted out as a goalie but defending goal, is not to deliberately use their body to stop the ball, but if the ball accidentally touches their body when they are attempting to stop a goal, it is play on.

What to bring?
It is advisable to bring footwear, shinguards, mouthguards, bathers, water, snacks, sunscreen and caps.

Hockey Victoria Beach Hockey, Gippslnad hockey

How to join?
Anyone interested in joining in, or in submitting a team (of ladies, men, kids, or any combination thereof), please contact me, by Email or phone 56722445. Individuals can be slotted into other teams. There are no costs. If you come as a team, please bring team shirts or bibs.

Beach hockey is fun and skilful, the beach at Cape is hard & flat and broad at low tide, the sand stays wet so no sand in faces, and skills are not limited by the surface. We play as many games as people want to play.

beach hockey

Beach Hockey at Cape Paterson

More accomplished juniors can play kids’ games then join in with the grown-ups.