Drouids Hockey Registration – 2015

Register For Drouids Hockey for the 2015 season. 

If you do not register you are not going on the field.

At this stage with the season only days away I have 3 very important messages/tasks you – all 3 need to happen to be able to play the first round!. (thanks in advance to those members who have already registered with Hockey Victoria).

Please read all the tasks before starting – some differ depending on you choices!

Drouids Hockey - register online

Click here to open link to Hockey Vic Registration

Task Number One
To be able to play in the first Round you MUST register with Hockey Victoria Online and pay the $35/$45 for Junior/Senior cost for insurance and the like. To register go here:—–> https://memberdesq.onesporttechnology.com/3/reg/portal .

If you/your kids are not registered and paid the Hockey Victoria fees you/your kids cannot take the field – the committee don’t want this at all so please register asap and if you need it ask for help from the committee member who has sent you this email.

Task Number Two
The committee have also put on the same portal different membership categories (‘Junior Under 8’, ‘Junior Under 10 – 17’, ‘Seniors’) – we need all members (even those who have done Task One already) to again go onto the portal – select the appropriate category and Answer “I agree” when asked about agreeing to you and/or you children receiving any urgent medical assistance as deemed necessary by a Club Official (typically the Coach and/or Team Manager).

Obviously the committee hope this will never be needed – but we want to be sure you know that if need be, we would without question seek such assistance if you the parent were not present; or if playing yourself you could not make such a decision.

Task Number Three
You need to either have paid your club fees, or notified the Treasurer/President that you wish to be on a payment plan BEFORE Round One.
Again this MUST happen to be able to take the field for Round One (and ‘Yes’ the Committee still doesn’t want this to happen!). Now there are two ways you can pay your fees as described below:
Paying via the member portal
You can choose to pay this way however you will be charged an additional fee – around $3.75 extra for each registration. If this is your preference AND you have not already registered with Hockey Victoria (Task Number One) then you can select both the correct Hockey Victoria category (for the insurance and the like) and the appropriate Membership Categories the committee have created as mentioned above. The benefit is that you will have just one registration process per player and one payment point per player; but note you will be charged extra for each of those registrations (these monies go to the web site for managing/handling the financial transactions)
If you have already registered with Hockey Victoria then you can still pay this way – the benefit would be only that you can confidently have it sorted out without having to pay the club directly – again though you will be charged that handling fee from the site as described just above.

Paying the club directly
If you choose this please remember the fees are:
• Under 8 – $45,
• Under 10 – 17 and adults on concessions – $95,
• Seniors – $125.
Also apply the discount for every second and subsequent child. Using myself (Paul Hunt) as an example: Paul – Senior $125, Alannah Under 14 – $95, Max Under 12 – $95, Eloise Under 8 – $45. This comes to $360 – now apply the $10 discount for the second and subsequent children – therefore I take off $20 – total payable for me is then $340.
You can pay directly into our bank account –
Westpac Bank
Drouids Hockey Club
BSB – 033262
Account No. – 330983
Place your surname as the reference – then please email our Treasurer Mark Smith at marks@dcsi.net.au that you have made the transaction.
*paying cash on training night the 16th April, or before your game to your team manager.
*sending a cheque (today would be a good time to send it) to Mark at 55 Beards Road Drouin West 3818
The committee do understand the above is somewhat different to what has happened in the past – but with Hockey Victoria mandating the manner in which accident insurance must be paid the committee is embracing this and there are long term benefits for the club.

The committee are planning to have the club laptop at the training for the 16th and again on the first round ( please note the registration to Hockey Victoria must be performed online using your credit card – No Cash) – so we hope to be able to help a limited number of mums, dads, players on the day. But the preference is clearly to have this sorted out asap – please help by getting onto this asap (please).

For doing all the above you can be sure that the committee, your coaches, team managers will continue to value your involvement, treat your children with respect and value everything they bring to the club not just as players but as individuals as well – and the same goes for all you adults too.

Whilst I prefer initial questions to go to the committee member who is sending you this email, if you feel the need to contact me directly please do so on 5626 8252 or email at cathandpaul@dcsi.net.au.

Oh, lastly – Go Drouids!!!!!