Umpire Guide

WGHA Umpire Guide

Information for WGHA Umpires

The points listed below are detailed in either the WGHA Handbook or in the WGHA By-Laws They are relevant for non-finals games.

· Before the match check line markings, goal positions and attachment of nets.

· Advise captains to instruct all players out of uniform (after week 3) not to take the field. Note: It is the captain’s responsibility to inform the player out of uniform.

· Supply your own whistle for health reasons.

· The first named team provides the match ball.

· The siren will sound to indicate the start and finish of each match. However the game will commence and end on the umpire’s whistle.

· Teams unable to commence the game on time will be penalised according to By-Law 11(c): “If a match is not commenced at the appointed starting time, a penalty of one goal per 5 minutes will be awarded against the offending team. If a match is not commenced within 15 minutes of the stated time, the team unable to proceed shall forfeit the match”.

· The minimum number of players permitted on the field at the beginning of the match is 6, as detailed in By-Law 11 (b), otherwise the offending team must forfeit the match (subject to the dot point above). If a team starts with less than 11 players, the missing players may join in at any time, subject to the Rules of Hockey. The umpires must be notified.

· Teams in Junior Competition are of mixed gender, with on-field gender requirements as follows:

Under 8 – as this is a development program, no specific gender requirements shall apply (maximum 7 field players)

Under 10 – maximum of 7 of either gender on the field (maximum of 9 field players)

Under 12, Under 14 – maximum of 8 of either gender on the field

Under 16 – no specific gender requirements

NOTE: No player may play in more than 2 matches on any one round

· At U8 level, one coach is allowed on any part of the field at any time. In U10 matches, one coach is allowed on the field at any time for the first 8 rounds but not inside either circle.

· In non-finals matches (and semi-finals) extra time will not be played as a result of a late start or any other reason. In the event of an injury the injured player should be removed from the field as soon as practicable.

· Penalty corners and penalty strokes awarded immediately prior to half or full time shall be played out, in accordance with the Rules of Hockey.

· Keep a record of goals scored and ensure that all information on the score sheet is correct before “signing”. Please write your name CLEARLY (printing preferred) so that you can be identified in the event that any follow up to the match is necessary.

· Record details on the match sheet of any yellow and/or red cards.

· Record all injuries and any relevant information on the match sheet.

· Both umpires are to jointly complete a Voting Form for the Most Valuable Players in the game they umpire. This responsibility determines the accuracy of the outcome of the most valuable player award and should be considered carefully.

· For senior matches the 3 most valuable players shall be selected (3 Votes to Most valuable player, 2 votes to next most valuable etc) for the next most valuable.

· For junior matches, the votes will be 4,3,2,1 with both genders represented in the votes given.

· A player who receives a yellow or red card shall not be eligible to receive MVP votes in that match, with the exception of the captain of a team who receives a yellow card for spectator or team misconduct.

· Goalkeeping. Each team (apart from Under 8) must have a goalkeeper on the field at all times during play. It is compulsory for goalkeepers to wear protective headgear except when taking a penalty stroke. A helmet incorporating fixed full face protection and cover for the entire head and throat is compulsory. Goalkeeping Helmets MUST NOT be worn in general play beyond the 23-metre line.

· It is recommended that goalkeepers in Men’s and Women’s matches also wear full protective equipment.

· It is compulsory for goalkeepers in all junior matches (apart from Under 8) to wear, as a minimum, the following equipment: chest protector, hand protectors, leg guards, pelvic protector and kickers. Additional protective equipment for arms and thighs is also recommended.

· An incapacitated or suspended goalkeeper must be replaced by another goalkeeper or field player acting as a goalkeeper. During the suspension of a goalkeeper, the team concerned has one less field player.

· Any dangerous ball in the circle shall be penalised in Under 12 grades and below (the intent is that the goalkeeper is not “fair game”).

· The “tomahawk” hit is banned in all under 8, 10 , 12 & 14 matches and all grass matches.